Q: What is the difference between Powder brows and Microblading? 

A: Powder brows are done with a machine and can create a soft or bold look that mimics makeup. It deposits pigment into the skin with a small needle to create a shaded look. 

Microblading is done with a handheld tool with small blades that deposits pigment into the skin. It mimics natural hair growth and looks like tiny 'hairs"

Q: How long does this last?

A: How long your brows last depends on a lot of different things. Your skin type, sun exposure, skincare products, age, how well you follow the aftercare, etc. However, most people need a touchup every 1-2 years. After your first appointment, you will need a touchup 3 months later. Following that, you will be on the 1-2 year schedule.